I can’t get back inside myself

A film by people with autistic perception

For two years we worked with clients at Rainmans Home and trained them in handling cameras. People with autistic perception have problems in social interaction and communicating with their environment. Traditional social codes are often not recognized by them and therefore not applied. But the behaviour of people with autism is also often misunderstood and misinterpreted by their environment. The film gives viewers some insights of what the world, perception, the perspective and the experience of autistic people could be like.

broken data.
I can’t get back into myself.
I deleted the data. they keep running out on me.
No, bad! put it in! the pen is dead.
The pen is for work.
Why I should work?
Should I put this on your head?
Go on, stop the violence! so now.
The colour is too strong, you know.
Watch out! look, I can’t move! I’m stuck! Locked up!
The pin is null one.
Somehow I cannot any more.
I am a broadband module edition of a space ship alien.
School bus on the curves edition.
Broadband is my voice recorder, a camera.
(marco zohmann)

A project by Rainman’s Home in cooperation with filmmakers Patricia and Arne Marchart