Is the war over now, Mama?

Children came to us who had been crippled in the war, in very critical conditions, unconscious. It’s horrible to see children with arms or legs torn off. And after amputation, they asked us, to give them their body parts back. We lied to them. “Your leg is in repair, we will sew it back on again.” They believed us. (a doctor from Chechnya)

The film tells stories of people who have applied for asylum in Austria, about their home, their escape, their hopes – about their lives in Austria.

‘Mr BIMBO’, former peace activist from Eritrea and an Austrian citizen for 12 years, accompanied us through this film in his own humorous way. His razor-sharp wit is overwhelming, he makes us laugh, when we would want to cry.

Regie & Schnitt: Arne Marchart / Patricia Marchart
Kamera: Arne Marchart / Alexander Tunaj / Mischa Kuryannykov
Realisation: Barbara Greinöcker / Nicole Honeck / Jade Mesgarzadeh
Luzia Falkinger / Lisa Humer / Daniela Pichler / Cordula Tauber

In Zusammenarbeit mit der Caritas OÖ