Minus 4 stars

Documentary film with the homeless

Happy moments – Yes – when you bundle up in the evening and say, well, what the hell, we still have each other and tomorrow the world may look quite different. We hide our 7000 bags in the bushes and walk like ordinary people along the road and nobody knows it. You can blend in. I think for many people, it is difficult, because they can no longer blend into society. If there is a way back, I don’t know.

(Sabina from Minus 4 Sterne)

Six people tell their story and what it’s like when you live in the minus 4 star hotel, on the street. Each of them filmed their everyday life with the camera for an entire day.

Mit: Fritz, Elkheart, Sabina, Christopher & sein Engerl. Hans und Gusi.
Idee: Patricia Marchart
Schnitt: Bernadette Stummer
Realisation: Arne Marchart und Patricia Marchart
Gefördert von Kulturland OÖ und Kulturamt Linz
A 2005 / 50 min