Mr. Bimbo and his Negress

A film against racism

When they were still cannibals, they made Schnitzels of the stout Austrians. They came to us with cocoa beans, the wildlings from Tutsi Hutsi. And now they are here to stay! With careers like cleaning ladies to brothel owners, marriages of convenience to farmer’s wives, asylum seekers to the better Austrians.

“Its madness, so many sausages, so much food here in Austria! Is it not beautiful?” 
Where they come from, from no-man’s-land, they could only dream of such things. If it weren’t for the black skin and that they can’t speak German properly and a couple of these natives that still think…

“The races should keep to themselves. Just like animals, a dog is almost worthless, if it is not purebred” it would almost be like the land milk and honey. You must only adapt to the point of becoming unrecognisable. Skin lightening and Deitsch courses for anyone willing to integrate!

The film reveals everyday racism through interaction and provocation in the public space. A poignant confrontation with Austrian stereotypes and traditions.

Darsteller: Alessandra Klimpel, Mohamed Kasseh, Adriana Torres, 
Egina Wagner, Annerose Willam, Arthur Maier, Chiara und Fiona Seth

Idee und Drehbuch: Patricia Marchart und Alessandra Klimpel
Regie: Patricia Marchart
Kamera: Arne Marchart
Schnitt: Arne und Patricia Marchart
Ton: Oktavia Schreiner
Musik: Günther Wagner / Guliermo Betancourt

Eine Schutzfilm Produktion: Dezember 2009

gefördert von: Kulturland OÖ, Linz Kultur, Otto Mauer Fonds

Dauer: 50 min
Format: DV-Cam