Not Important

A film by and with people with autistic perception

Walking and swimming, winter and summer holidays, sleeping in bed, lie with plush toys in bed, with the small Mitzi cat Cecilia, who is a dear little animal. I love to go to the tavern, the pastry shop, to eat and drink. And watching TV, playing cassettes, listen to videos and play CD. The streams, rivers, taverns and also the Danube and the Danube Canal, and also train stations and the airports, everything. Since yesterday and today, since last year and this year. About the film: People with autistic perception filming the world from their point of view and telling their stories.

The contributors were made familiar with S-8 cameras by us to use the medium of film to visualize the images, which are important for every individual.

(the films are shown unabridged and unedited in the documentary)

NICHT WICHTIG, a documentary about living with autism.

With: Jasmine Eder, Nadine Eder, Christina Fender, Renate Janota, 
Patrick Jean Knaff, Robert Lenz, Ingomar Lerch, Heinz Löffler, 
Thomas Ludwig, Robert Mayr-Vons, Simeon Nikolow, Roland Nitterl, 
Bernhard Posch, David Pucher, Thomas Ruech, Simon David Sulzer
Idea: Arne Marchart 
Realisation: Arne und Patricia Marchart 
Schnitt: Bernadette Stummer

Sponsored by: BKA Kunst, Kulturland OÖ, Kulturamt Linz und BSA