One Minute Woman

is an artistic film & network project, which explicitly visualizes female names and job titles, alienated and decoded. From call girl to devil’s woman to housewife cleaning lady.

There are over 100 terms in the German language that consist of name shows such as FRAU_WEIB_TOCHTER_SCHWESTER_TANTE_MÄDCHEN_GIRL_WOMAN_BRAUT_JUNGFER_ OMA_MUTTER_FRÄULEIN_WITWE_DAME.

Based on the word, its importance in the social political context and the associated stereotypes, I develop one-minute films, which question these codes, disturb and dissect values and meanings.

A platform is to be created here, where material will be collected for each word with a suffix as described above.

The aim is a huge uncensored public database, in which anyone can upload and publish their posts. +++discourse+blog+OpenForum+chat+Facebook+++