My protection film

We all have desires, goals, and conflicts, must make decisions, and want to make a difference or leave something behind. We accompany you to places that are connected to these desires, goals, conflicts and decisions.
Everything is allowed in these places: Laugh, cry, be angry, happy, jump in the air, dream or be silent. The camera is rolling. The film is about everything that you want to make visible.


Interview, Filming, Editing and post-production…

zum Ablauf




From what is to what should be. You choose what you want upgraded in your life. Is it your professional situation, your love life, your housing situation, your fitness, your partnership, your social network or your economic circumstances?

This film is about finding places that you associate with your personal upgrade. You can deal with your dreams and goals, depending on your impulse, playfully or seriously um. Perhaps the next step will follow.



Our wishes are heralds of abilities that lie within us, harbingers of what we are capable of. Goethe

This film puts your personal wishes in focus. Whether it’s the dream job, unfulfilled family, a trip around the world, the partner for life, to just relaxing or a distant goal you dare not even think about, too big, too absurd, ridiculous.

We look for the images for your wish together with you.


Leave behind

Want to say goodbye, mourn someone, or draw a line between you and certain events?

The camera records what you are leaving behind: former loved ones, separation pain, death, setbacks or just plain garbage that has accumulated over the years.

We search for places of memory together and you tell your story.


Love messages

Your declaration of love with a film


To you

What I have always wanted to say

Thank you, I’m sorry, will you marry me, can you still remember, let’s try again, congratulations,… or your life story.

Do you want to tell your child a story, to congratulate the boss on his birthday, apologise to your partner or share your memories with your grandchildren? Say it with this film.


Dr. Patricia Marchart