The One Dollar Story – Jemen

Worldwide film project / # Two

People from different countries of the world tell the camera a story… for a dollar. This time, the filmmakers were in the Yemen.
The “King of Peace” tells of his peace mission, a boy shows how he came to his scar. The novelist H. Ablan remembers a special dream. A German Muslim reports how fate led him to the Koran University in Tarim.

The poet Prince al-Maqaleh poses a riddle, the philosopher M.Mansur shows us his Sana and the businessman A.Dirham explains what happens when you see yourself in the mirror… while looking for the miracle in the wall the most incredible things happen…an extraordinary trip, wherever coincidence and 1 dollar led.

The film is about love, life, death and Arab humour.

IDEA: Arne Marchart
INTERVIEWS: Patricia Marchart
KAMERA & SCHNITT: Arne und Patricia Marchart V/A 2007 60 min

gefördert von Kulturland OÖ und Linz Kultur