The One Dollar Story – Viet Nam

Worldwide Filmproject / # One

Lady broken eye and Mr. coin
People from different countries of the world tell the camera a story… for a dollar.
A series of films is to be with the one dollar of stories of the respective country.

‘pre’-story + history of a rare documentary:

In 2005, film-maker couple Marchart flies to Viet Nam – at that time still with the exclusive intention of making a journey – hence, no camera in luggage.

The reality images upon arriving in Hanoi are condense – every real and virtual street corner, there are street children + traders who jump in front of the traveller, to exchange meaningless trifles for a dollar. Quickly, reality shapes a story.
The filmmakers buy a camera on the spot and start offering their “one dollars” – for anyone who will share a story with the camera . The images created from Hanoi to Ho-chi-minh-city, are snapshots. The stories, purchased for a dollar – still hidden in the untranslated Vietnamese language – are cats in a sack.

The film tells of random short encounters, snapshots across today’s Viet Nam. During the translation process in Austria, we met people who had fled the war, and we bought their stories for one dollar. That is how this extraordinary film about Viet Nam came about.

Number One: Lady Broken Eye and Mister Coin 30 Minutes A/V 2005
Idea/Camera/Director: Arne Marchart Interviews/Edit: Patricia Marchart