Adult movies

Want to complain all day long or get lost on purpose? Your ultimate revelation film. You are the main character. Total anarchy. We follow your every footstep. Not for the faint of heart. Hire us as your shadow. We expose everything, guaranteed.

Warning 1: This film could change your life


[ terror decoder ]

You have a problem.
While you tell us about it we construct an object with items we find close by or in your apartment.
The decoder.
The decoder is your informant.
It tells you about transformation.

As soon as you hold the decoder in your hands the film work begins. You are only seeking solutions to your problem and we film it.


[ rent a shadow ]

We follow your every footstep.
We log everything.
We are on your tail.
From early until late, we are your diary. we record and watch.
We want to know nothing from you.
We remain at this distance.
For one day, we will take note of everything about you.
We are strangers.
It’s your day.

This film aims to get a comprehensive overview of everyday life in occupational and family life.


[ electric quick viewer ]

Lightpainting Photography.
Long-exposure lighting.
We paint with light.
Your very special portrait.


[ intentionally lost ]

You determine the meeting place.
From there on we ask you about your goals.
We question your goals.
We take you on a journey of questions.
We get lost with them.
We check your goal very carefully.
We ask unpleasant questions.
We are indiscreet.
We arrive with you at an unknown location.

A remarkable film journey into the unknown, directed by your thoughts and impulses.


[ one minute show ]

Surfing the web, you need films that rock the boat.

Unusual company presentations, products and services. Visualization from the script to the finished film.

on the Internet and via email to your customers. place your company on YouTube and conquer the whole world.


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