patricia-marchartIn the form of self-experiments, we looked for a way – with the help of a camera – to visualize systems in the here & now, which we would not have perceived without the camera.

We call this process and the footage resulting from this approach: “Truth material”.

Our research led us into familiar & unfamiliar areas of humanity. Finally, we were able to see them all.

In “Schutzfilmen” (en: protection films), the camera serves the human in its very essence. The camera is the perceiving light-recipient instrument.
What is told, shown, done is passed on to the camera to record.
Whether this material becomes viewable to or not is decided by the subject filmed.

The camera is always on the side of the person being filmed.
The images created are explored together with the filmed.
No staging. Only minimal film craft intrusions (if technically necessary).
Those behind the camera, defer to the filmed.

The filmed have nothing else to do but to follow their impulses.
Finding places on the inside and outside and people who are somehow related to you or whatever is important right now.

That is how a protection film is created.

Schutzfilm was founded in 2007 by Bernadette Stummer, Arne Marchart and Patricia Marchart.